Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Hot Brew – A Delicious Wealth of Health Benefits

Ceylon Cinnamon as a spice and as a medicinal ingredient has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic practices, general wellness and culinary especially in Asian, middle eastern and European cultures. The recent “re-discovery” of Ceylon Cinnamon and its health benefits has had a massive impact on its popularity, especially in Europe and North America.

Nature’s Rare is the first to introduce Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, as a wellness beverage in a “tea bag like” form. What is usually found in local supermarkets or health stores are tea bags infused with cinnamon flavor, commonly mixed with tea dust or is used more as a “flavoring” to give that tinge of Cinnamon taste.

A daily dose of Nature’s Rare Cinnamon Brew will give you a rejuvenating feeling, boost of energy and a host of other health benefits. With Its distinctive taste, aroma and flavor, hot Ceylon Cinnamon tea will give that spicy kick any time of the day especially in the mornings with a “pick me up” feeling.

Often called a “medicinal spice” Ceylon Cinnamon, when consumed as a Hot beverage, is full of antibiotic properties and various antioxidants. It is well known to help reduce the effects of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), a hormonal disorder experienced by females. Cinnamon hot beverage will also boost your immune system and aid in respiratory disorders. A recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information also found that, woman ingesting Ceylon cinnamon experienced lesser menstrual pain which lasted for shorter durations than females who did not. Last but certainly not least Hot Ceylon Cinnamon herbal drinks have properties and ingredients that assist in natural weight loss. These are just some of the medicinal properties of cinnamon especially mentioned for women.

As a regular sampler of new products, foods and beverages, I recently was offered the opportunity to sample a 100% pure Cinnamon Hot beverage by a company called Nature’s Rare. I found this to be the perfect combination of flavor and taste. This product also boasts that it’s USDA organic certified Ceylon Cinnamon made using the finest grades of cinnamon, the best kind! Whilst at this stage this product is still only available in selected test stores in U.S.A, I believe more information can be obtained at their website www.naturesrare.com for those desire more details.

Cheers to Cinnamon Hot Brew! Its altogether refreshing, delicious and nutritious.

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