“Back To Nature” – A New Line Of Functional Wellness Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Beverages From Nature’s Rare

Nature’s Rare is an original idea conceived by two determined individuals who wanted to showcase some of Sri Lanka’s (Formerly known as Ceylon) most prized natural superfoods on to the forefront of the world stage. Ceylon’s big three “Ceylon Cinnamon”, “Ceylon Turmeric” and “Ceylon King Coconut water” are now highly valued as superfoods globally, which brought about the perfect opportunity and intent to develop a new wellness beverage line.

Ceylon Cinnamon is unique as it is endemic to the island of Sri Lanka. It is rare, more expensive and nutritionally highly prized compared to the more common “Cassia” variety known as “Chinese Cinnamon”. Ceylon Cinnamon possesses antioxidant compound called Proanthocyanins, which  protects against cancer and can reduce the risk of heart disease. This spice is also associated with weight loss and commonly used as a treatment for diabetes. In addition, the flavor and taste of Ceylon Cinnamon is of a much higher grade of sophistication than common Cassia cinnamon.

The products of Nature’s Rare are sourced directly from organic Cinnamon fields of Sri Lanka, which empowers local sustainable farming and communities. Nature’s Rare Organic Cinnamon tea, a Hot beverage, prepared and  consumed just like traditional hot tea while the  Cinnamon Cold brew is a ready to drink beverage packaged in glass bottles. 

All Nature’s Rare wellness beverages are certified USDA Organic, NON-GMO & Vegan, that’s thirst quenching while packing a whole host of nutrition and wholesome health benefits.

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