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Cinnamon Hot Brew  – Sachet

Cinnamon Hot Brew is made with pure organic Ceylon Cinnamon conveniently packed in individual sachets (aka tea bags). When steeped, it is a lovely reddish-brown color and warmly aromatic with a mellow sweet and spicy flavor. This healthy beverage can be included into your daily diet in addition to or as a substitute for your tea or coffee. Ceylon Cinnamon is known to be one of the finest spices available for its abundance of health benefits – And for is superiority to common cassia Cinnamon. Rejuvenate yourself with this zero-calorie, caffeine-free, cholesterol-free, healthy beverage!

Cinnamon Hot Brew is made from pure, organic Ceylon Cinnamon, a plant native only to the island of Sri Lanka. Also known as “True Cinnamon,” Ceylon Cinnamon is the highest quality Cinnamon available, and has been prized for generations for its health benefits. Ceylon Cinnamon is a safer alternative than the harsher, more common cassia Cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon has lower levels of coumarin vs. cassia Cinnamon, making it much healthier. Try Nature’s Rare Cinnamon Hot Brew’s lovely mellow aroma and flavor today!

Yes, Due to its powerful health benefits, Ceylon Cinnamon is considered to be one of the top rare superfoods available.

Cinnamon Hot Brew is best when made using fresh boiling water. It is similar to making ordinary hot tea. Please note the directions below:

  • Place the Cinnamon Hot Brewsachet in a cup
  • Pour 7 – 8 fl. Oz boiling water over bag
  • Allow to steep 4 – 5 minutes
  • Sweeten to taste! Enjoy

Each unopened Cinnamon Hot Brew sachet envelope has a shelf life of 24 months when stored in a dry place (temperature 22° C ± 2°/ 72° F ± 6°) with low relative humidity (RH) 60% ± 5%).

Nature’s Rare Cinnamon Hot Brew is good anytime and anywhere! A healthy caffeine-free drink that can be enjoyed as often as desired. Most people substitute Cinnamon Hot Brew for their cup of tea or coffee.

Try Cinnamon Hot Brew hot or iced for a tasty, restorative, calorie-free beverage all day!

Your consumption of our Cinnamon Hot Brew should be based on your personal healthy lifestyle, diet and activity level. Ceylon Cinnamon is low in coumarin, the cause of the harmful side effects of cassia Cinnamon. If you have an allergy or health condition, just to be safe, check with your physician before consuming Nature’s Rare Cinnamon Hot Brew.

Yes! Pregnant women can consume our Cinnamon Hot Brew. If you have an allergy or health condition, just to be safe, check with your physician before consuming Nature’s Rare Cinnamon Hot Brew.

Yes, all of Nature’s Rare products are gluten-free certified.

Yes, all of Nature’s Rare products are NON-GMO certified


Yes, all our products are vegan certified.

Yes! Star-K kosher certified.

Yes! It is organic and USDA Organic certified.

Zero calories! Our Cinnamon Hot Brew contains NO calories.

The best-by date is found on the side of every carton, dated 24 months from the production date and is read as: month/day/year.

No, not at all! Cinnamon Hot Brew is made with 100% pure Ceylon Cinnamon. However, to treat your sweet tooth, you can sweeten to taste if desired.

Although most prefer organic bee honey any natural sweetener of your choice will suffice.