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Turmeric Hot Brew – Sachet

Turmeric Hot Brew is made with pure organic Ceylon Turmeric packed in sachets (aka tea bags). When steeped, this bright golden-yellow, caffeine free hot beverage is warmly aromatic and exhilaratingly spiced. This popular wellness beverage can be included into your daily diet in addition to or as a substitute for your regular coffee or tea. Ceylon Turmeric is well known for its nutritional and health benefits and for its high levels of antioxidants. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is zero-calorie, caffeine-free, cholesterol-free, healthy and refreshing!

Enjoy Nature’s Rare Hot Turmeric Brew customized to your own taste. With or without milk, hot or iced, sweet or savory, this golden brew is a perfect addition to your healthy diet!

Turmeric Hot Brew is made from pure Ceylon organic Turmeric. Ceylon Turmeric is the highest grade of Turmeric, a plant native to the island of Sri Lanka.

Yes, Due to its powerful health benefits, Ceylon Turmeric is considered to be one of the top rare superfoods available.

Turmeric Hot Brew is best when made using boiling water. It is similar to making ordinary tea. Please note the directions below:

  • Place the Turmeric Hot Brew bag in a cup
  • Pour 7 – 8 fl. Oz boiling water over bag
  • Allow to steep 3 – 4 minutes
  • Sweeten to taste. Enjoy!

Unopened Turmeric Hot Brew sachet envelopes have a shelf life of 24 months when stored in a dry place (temperature 22° C ± 2°/ 72° F ± 6°) with low relative humidity (RH) 60% ± 5%).

Nature’s Rare Turmeric Hot Brew is good anytime and anywhere! This healthy caffeine-free drink can be enjoyed as often as desired. Most people substitute Turmeric Hot Brew instead of their regular cup of coffee or tea.

Your consumption of our Turmeric Hot Brew should be based on your personal lifestyle, diet and activity level. If you have an allergy or health condition, just to be safe, check with your physician before consuming Nature’s Rare Turmeric Hot Brew.

Yes! Pregnant women can drink our Turmeric Hot Brew. If you have an allergy or health condition, just to be safe, check with your physician before consuming Nature’s Rare Turmeric Hot Brew.

Yes, all of Nature’s Rare products are gluten-free.

Yes, all of Nature’s Rare products are certified NON-GMO.

Yes, all our products are vegan certified.


Yes! STAR-K kosher certified.

Yes! It is organic and USDA Organic certified.

Zero Calories! Our Turmeric Hot Brew contains NO calories

The best-by date is found on the side of every carton, dated 24 months from the production date and is read as: day/month/year.

No, not at all! Turmeric Hot Brew is made with 100% pure Ceylon Turmeric. However, to treat your sweet tooth, you can sweeten to taste if desired.

Although most prefer organic bee honey, any organic natural sweetener of your choice will suffice.