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Herbal Beverages

Everyday WellnessNature’s Rare

A Software Engineer, an Entrepreneur and a Hotelier walked into a bar. They were old College roommates, back in California to reminisce about the good old days. As these things invariably do, the conversation turned to their advancing years and growing health concerns. “I’m worried about my diabetes”, said one. “After a morning jog, I feel like a tomato left too long in the sun”, lamented another. Pills, supplements, powders, and the like were discussed at length. “If only all of this didn’t just feel like taking more medicine”, suddenly became the topic of the day and thus began the conversation that would one day become Nature’s Rare.

These three gentlemen spent the next two years investing more than USD 200,000 of their personal funds to research, manufacture and test natural ingredients and the best methods of consumption. The color had to be perfect, the flavor delightful and the nutritional value beyond reproach. ‘Not only would it be good for you, but it should taste great’, was the promise on which they delivered. Today, Nature’s Rare sources the finest ingredients from across the world and produces the best herbal drinks in America. Our ready-to-drink cold infusions and hot brews made to savor, are now available online and at leading retailers across the country.


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