Turmeric Hot Brew - Sachet

Replenish yourself with healthy, delicious Turmeric Hot Brew. Made from pure, organic Ceylon Turmeric, Nature’s Rare Turmeric Hot Brew helps to replenish your body’s recommended daily Turmeric Curcumin requirement. Research shows that Curcumin can be a powerful anti-inflammatory treatment. Inflammation treatment can relieve arthritis pain, joint stiffness, aid digestion, improve skin ailments, and improve liver function. 

Brimming with Curcuminoids, this soothing caffeine-free Ceylon Turmeric root hot beverage can be enjoyed day or night. Let the powerful health benefits of Turmeric Brew revive your body and spirit!


Wake up to the aroma of a hot Cinnamon Brew a spice tea – like hot beverage made with 100% pure Ceylon Cinnamon! Whether morning, afternoon or evening, a cup of pure organic Ceylon Cinnamon Hot Brew can be a delicious substitute for your regular tea or coffee. Ceylon Cinnamon has numerous health benefits, the first of which is its high levels of antioxidants. Studies show that adding Ceylon Cinnamon to a healthy diet has the potential to help lose weight, manage blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and shows antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Conveniently available in individual sachets, Nature’s Rare Cinnamon Hot Brew will uplift your day!


Relax and settle in with a comforting, aromatic cup of Natures’ Rare hot Ginger Tea – made with 100% pure Ceylon Ginger! Wonderful as a post-meal digestive or any time of day, a zesty cup of pure organic Ceylon Ginger Tea can be a delicious substitute for your caffeinated tea or coffee. Ceylon Ginger has numerous health benefits, including high levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Studies show that adding Ceylon Ginger Tea to a healthy diet has the potential to help improve circulation, relieve migraine headaches, treat nausea, bloating and indigestion and boost your immune system.

Conveniently available in individual sachets, Nature’s Rare Ginger Tea will spice up your day!


Hydrate and Energize with Nature’s Rare CINNAMON BREW. An organic, healthy, aromatic & delicious beverage made from pure, premium Ceylon Cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon, or “true Cinnamon,” is a unique plant that is indigenous to the island of Sri Lanka. Because this amazing spice has high levels of antioxidants, it has become popular for having powerful health benefits. While we think you should drink Nature’s Rare organic CINNAMON BREW for its incomparable flavor and aroma, adding organic CINNAMON BREW to your healthy diet could also help you to lose weight, help manage blood pressure, decrease inflammation & reduces the risk of heart disease.

Enjoy the benefits of daily Ceylon Cinnamon in a refreshingly cold brew!


Vitalize your health with Curcumin-Powered Pure TURMERIC BREW – a flavorful and refreshing beverage made from Pure Ceylon Turmeric extract from the heart of the organic fields in Sri Lanka. With 1000 mg of Curcumin per bottle, let TURMERIC BREW fulfill your body’s daily recommended Curcumin need! Curcumin can be a powerful anti-inflammatory treatment. Scientific studies suggest 500mg to 2000mg of Turmeric Curcumin twice daily has anti-inflammatory effects – Nature’s Rare TURMERIC BREW fulfills that recommendation with 1000mg in each bottle!

Treating inflammation can relieve joint pain and arthritis pain, relieve stiffness, aid digestion, improve liver functions and skin ailments.

Refresh and revive with a sunny, healthful Nature’s Rare TURMERIC BREW. Your Turmeric herbal replenisher was never so enjoyable until now!!!

King Coconut Water - Bottled

Hydrate yourself with pure organic King Coconut Water. King Coconuts are a varietal of Coconut unique to the island of Sri Lanka. Unlike the common green Coconut, King Coconuts are sustainably and organically produced, with little human intervention. Pure, Delicious and refreshing, this low-caloric plant based real Coconut Water provides abundant vitamins and minerals. King Coconut Water’s superior levels of B-complex vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes make pure Coconut Water nature’s gift of pure hydration!

Rejuvenate yourself daily with Nature’s Rare Pure King Coconut Water in a refreshingly cold drink!