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Long before the West embraced the concept of superfoods and researched its health benefits, many ancient cultures were using these same nutritious and exotic plants in their native medicinal practices. Plucked from virgin forests, villagers brought these plants, flowers, barks, roots and leaves to the local practitioners who would use the knowledge of their forefathers to curate healthy tonics or soothing balms that would cure and heal.

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon (the home of the best tea in the world, Ceylon Tea) holds many other nutrient-rich, healing plant life secrets growing in its lush tropical green fields and forests. Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, King Coconut, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, Moringa and Hibiscus are just a few of these plants that not only bring flavor and color to many culinary dishes but also pack a powerful health punch. These plants are also heavily used in Ayurveda and Hela Osu, the native medicinal practices of ancient Sri Lanka.

Some of these plants such as Ceylon or True Cinnamon and King Coconut are endemic to the island. Blessed with a myriad of unique microclimates in a total area that is the size of West Virginia, these unique climes naturally bring about unique flavors and often extra nutritional goodness in all the herbal brews offered by Nature’s Rare. That’s why we are passionate about our produce being single-sourced.

Nature’s Rare simply wanted to bring this unique collection of herbal brews to the homes in the West. We source only organic produce from small village cultivators, striving to keep a pesticide-free environment. We aimed to create the perfect balance between taste and nutrition, and after 2 years of research, testing and sampling, we found it!

Our brews are true to the original tastes and flavors of the herb, root, plant or flower, with little to no added infusions. We call these beverages, “True Brews”. Each brew contains both unique and specific wellness benefits and can be consumed hot or easily made into refreshing iced teas during warm summer days.

We call it Nature’s Rare, because this is as close as you get to enjoy the flavor of these rare and exotic offerings of nature’s own goodness. We want you to live a better, healthier life with Nature’s Rare Brews