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Natural Wellness


The great thing about natural wellness and its pillars is that most of them are abundant and naturally available. The Nature’s Rare story takes grandma’s herbal remedies and backs with its medical research and science. To make our brews, we source each of these superfoods directly from our native island. One that is blessed with rich soils and temperate climes, both of which play a crucial part in delivering essential nutrients to these raw ingredients that make up Nature’s Rare brews.


When we were growing up in Sri Lanka, I recall my grandma would always have a home remedy for every ailment we had.  She had her own ‘food science’ classification method which went like “this drink is good for your brain and memory”, or “this vegetable is very cooling for the heart”, or “this brew will purify your blood of toxins, or “this paste is good for healthy skin’, the list goes on! 

The secret I later discovered was that there were certain foods that were considered the ‘food kings’, like Turmeric, Ginger, Moringa and Ceylon Cinnamon. These superfoods, as they are known, had overall health qualities which provided nutrition and preventative benefits.  These foods were consumed regularly in a more regimented manner, both as home medicine and in the kitchen. 

As young kids, we ‘had’ to accept Grandma’s wisdom and concoctions. I left home at 18 to study in the US, and as a young curious IT student, I developed the good habits of incorporating statistics, math, logic, data, and scientific research into my ethos. Discussions in bars and restaurants were backed with good scientific data. 


In my second year at college, I was the roommate of a fellow Sri Lankan, who like me had, an albeit much milder case of Pharmacopeia. Both of us always preferred using grandma’s local remedies. We also shared many similar socio-cultural interests including an interest in native medicine, yoga, meditation, and natural wellness.  He was in the social sciences and a student of anthropology and psychology. 

During our many stimulating conversations, about the ‘good ole days’, we both recalled the “same glass jar miracle medicines”, as we jokingly called them. I had always brought back quite a load of my miracle cures from home due to my condition, which he often used as well to boost what he said was his immunity or cure a cold or when he was feeling nauseous. 

And, one day, he suggested if we could pack this same product into a tea bag form for convenience. This piqued my curiosity further and we got into an in-depth conversation on the real possibilities of making this more accessible in the west. Our biggest hurdle was to back this with medical research and science, and prove that they had many health benefits


Essentially, we had personal experience that these worked, but we needed to back this up with science. We began a detailed research quest and much to our surprise and delight, we didn’t have to dig far or deep. There was a plethora of information scientifically backed through various research, espousing the health benefits of the products. It was the first time we even came across the word “Superfood”.  And that these “Superfoods” are a cut above your average plant nutrition in having superior health and wellness benefits, encouraged to be consumed more than other plants and foods. 


To our surprise, we discovered that many of grandma’s tonics and brews were indeed Superfoods! 

For example, we learned that the turmeric powder mixed with black pepper that was given to us first thing in the morning, helps boost immunity, has many BDSN (Brain-derived Neurotrophic factors) which helps maintain brain health and, has anti-cancer properties among a host of other great health benefits.

That research has shown that Ceylon Cinnamon is good for the treatment of diabetes and may prevent Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Ginger is an “Anti” everything! It has powerful antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-nausea, and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Moringa leaves have 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas. It also has calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids, which help the body heal and build muscle.  

Hibiscus helps fight chronic ailments and degenerative diseases and is overall great for  “Heart Health”.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower has immense Pleiotropic power and assists in protecting vital systems in the body. 

King Coconut water contains insane amounts of electrolytes and was even given as saline during WW2 to soldiers. Today, it is widely consumed by those competing at high levels of sports and competitions as a replenisher. 

We were shocked!  Looks like grandma’s ‘food kings’ or super brews were scientifically backed Superfoods! Grandma was right! And the old jam glass jar was a blessing from the heavens!   


An ingredient had to pass a rigorous test to be considered for a Nature’s Rare Super Brew.

  • Does it protect and or improve human health and quality of life? 
  • Can it be consumed often without side effects? 
  • Can it be sourced and processed organically?
  • It must be plant based and totally natural
  • Can it be consumed in its original/purest form with fewer infusions/taste enhancements and be a great tasting SUPERBREW? 
  • Is it cultivated in small community/ family-owned farmsteads?
  • Ultimately is it “soul food worthy” ?
  • All ingredients should be available in the same source country.



  • Single-sourced 
  • Plant based produce, totally organic and natural
  • Taste and wellness always are the right and left eye of the product
  • Better for the environment
  • Small farmer uplifting
  • Give back to our communities and 
  • Embrace diversity
  • Mission-driven – “Sense food awareness and consumption”
  • Functionally better for you 
  • Minority -owned  



The scientific basis of our super brews! 

Ceylon Cinnamon Brew –Heart Health Superfood! 

Turmeric Brew– Brain Health Revivor!

Ginger Brew– Gut Health Champion!

Moringa Brew – Miracle Multivitamin!

Hibiscus Brew – Holistic Healer!

Blue Butterfly Pea Brew- Pleiotropic Superpower!

King Coconut Water – Replenish Rehydrate Rejuvenate! 


An end to single-use plastic waste 

Our soil has zero chemicals and pesticides

A world without pills for basic healthy living

A place where nature’s nutrition is organic and plant-based goodness

A planet where its natural resources are cared for with compassion.


At Nature’s Rare, our vision is to bridge the gap, bring people back to nature, and make them consume the goodness and abundance of all of nature’s bounty. We aim to provide access to superfoods that are tasteful and healthy. And ultimately, we envision a world where everyone is on a soul journey that is enriching, fulfilling and brings contentment. We have a vision of a better life, a better you and a better world! We are Nature’s Rare, and this is our vision for the world!