Frequently Asked Questions


King Coconut Water - Bottled

King Coconut Water is made with 100% pure Organic King Coconut Juice.  The naturally clear, isotonic liquid is found only in the mature fruit of the Sri Lankan King Coconut Tree. King Coconut Water is known as possibly the best natural hydration drink available for its electrolytes, nutrients and health benefits. Sri Lankan pure Coconut Water is one of the best sources of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B and Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium.

Drink Nature’s Rare King Coconut Water for your health today!

There are two main types of Coconuts

  1. Common Coconuts(commonly known as brown Coconut or green Coconut)
  2. King Coconuts(native only to the island of Sri Lanka)

King Coconut Water is made from pure Ceylon King Coconut juice. Ceylon KING COCONUT is unique and native only to the island of Sri Lanka. The KING COCONUT is distinctive by its delightful bright orange husk and oblong shape. Because Sri Lankan King Coconut grows freely with little human intervention, you can be sure Nature’s Rare King Coconut Water is organic and sustainable.

The King Coconut health benefits are known to be vastly superior for its abundant nutrients compared to the common Coconut. Nature’s Rare uses pure organic King Coconut juice, therefore, no sugars or fillers added to our King Coconut Water.  Many other popular brands add sugar or other fillers to their green or brown Coconut Water to enhance flavor.

Treat your friends and family to a refreshing pure and natural King Coconut Water!

Yes, King Coconut is high in electrolytes sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Sports drinks are designed to be rapidly absorbed into the body. These beverages also balance the blood sugar and have a cooling effect, preventing dehydration and fatigue. King Coconut Water is an isotonic, ready-to-drink hydration beverage that has all of these benefits naturally – with no artificial ingredients or added sugars!

No, not at all. It’s made with 100% natural, organic ingredients. No added sugars.

Feel great about sharing Nature’s Rare King Coconut Water with your friends and family as part of your healthy diet!

King Coconut Water tastes best when chilled. Keep King Coconut Water in your refrigerator for low-calorie, ready-to-drink hydration anytime! – and lift a glass to King Coconut’s amazing health benefits!

Unopened, bottled pure King Coconut Water has a shelf life of 12 months. Once opened, it is best to keep refrigerated and consume within 12 hours.

Nature’s Rare King Coconut Water is good anytime and anywhere! We find that most people like King Coconut Water on the go; before, during or after exercise and with meals! It is healthy, flavorful and thirst quenching.

Your consumption of our King Coconut Water should be based on personal diet, activity level and your need for hydration! (As always, adding a great deal of extra potassium supplements to your diet should always be discussed with your physician). If you have an allergy or health condition, just to be safe, check with your physician before consuming Nature’s Rare King Coconut Water.

Yes! It is safe for pregnant women to consume our King Coconut Water. If you have an allergy or health condition, just to be safe, check with a physician before consuming Nature’s Rare King Coconut Water.

Yes, all of Nature’s Rare products are gluten-free certified.

Yes, all of Nature’s Rare products are certified NON-GMO

Yes! Star-K kosher certified.

Yes! It is organic and USDA Organic certified.

Relax! You have found your new favorite healthy drink!

Our King Coconut Water contains only 40 calories per 330ml bottle. Less than half of that in most popular sports drinks!

Yes! Processing includes acquiring of freshly harvested King Coconuts, extracting the juice from the nuts, followed by capping and pasteurization. Pasteurization preserves the best natural flavor and nutrients and kills potentially harmful bacteria. Nature’s Rare King Coconut Water is shelf-stable up to 12 months.

The best-by date is imprinted on the neck of every bottle, dated 12 months from the production date and is read as: month/day/year.

No, it is unnecessary to add sugar due to the natural sweetness of King Coconut Water.

Nature’s Rare King Coconut Water is a healthy refreshing drink for anytime!! Open one today!