King Coconut Water vs. Brown Coconut Water

Pure coconut water and coconut water hydration have been catchphrases among celebrities in the last few years, and established as a bona fide health drink. You can find this beverage everywhere from your local health-food store to the nearest gas station, and it usually comes at a hefty price tag. But coconut water can be derived at different stages of the coconut fruit, and it is important to know which type is going to be more beneficial.

The King coconut is indigenous to the island of Sri Lanka, and is noticeable for its golden orange outer covering. It is said that the moniker King was given due to the rich, superior taste of the water within. King coconut water is derived from the coconut when it is plucked while young and tender, so the water is naturally sweet and refreshing. Brown or green coconut is the mature form of the coconut, and can be identified by its brown, hairy husk. The water extracted from this type of coconut doesn’t have the same freshness and nutritive value.

King coconut water is always the clear winner in this battle due to its naturally occurring electrolytes which balances the body’s fluid levels. This in turn helps strengthen our never impulses and muscle function. Another benefit of King coconut water is that it may reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent kidney stones. Brown coconut water is water that has matured, and only contains half the level of electrolytes. In spite of the deceptively sweet taste, King coconut water has 35% less sugar than brown coconut water. It is the perfect ingredient for healthy desserts and drinks, and a great way to get your daily vitamins and minerals.

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