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Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

Cinnamon For Your Morning Brew

If you’re looking to switch out your traditional cup of milk tea for a cup of greater goodness, cinnamon brew may be the perfect herbal tea to integrate into your morning ritual.

Brewed directly from the ‘miracle spice’ in Sri Lanka, our Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Brew comes with a whole heap of benefits that’ll gear you up mentally and physically to power through the day ahead.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking cinnamon tea in the morning:

  • Improves brain function:

    A cup of this herbal tea may raise your cognitive levels and improve your memory drastically. Cinnamon brew may also protect your cells against neurological issues such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, keeping your mind sharp and focused to take on your daily routine.

  • Aids digestion:

    Nature’s Rare’s Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Brew may stir up your gastric juices and help your digestive process flow more easily and efficiently. This reduces your chances of suffering from gas, constipation, bloating, cramping or stomach upsets.

  • Consists of anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties:

    What can be better than ingesting a natural repellent of bacteria and viruses before you leave the house? Due to cinnamon’s impressive array of healing properties, it’s often believed that just a whiff of this golden spice may be enough to keep viruses at bay. Drinking cinnamon brew regularly may help your body prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and combat various infections, keeping you healthy and safe.

  • Improves blood circulation:

    Cinnamon tea is good for keeping your arteries healthy and increasing your blood flow. This may solve many digestive issues and joint pains, helping you feel fit and energized, boosting your mood instantly. In addition, cinnamon tea is an excellent blood purifier, flushing out the toxins from your body and keeping heart problems away.

  • Reduces blood sugar:

    Another significant benefit of Ceylon Cinnamon tea is its powerful anti-diabetic effect. This herbal tea is known to lower your blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, ensuring insulin’s effectiveness in your internal system. Cinnamon brew may also slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates in your gut, preventing your blood sugar levels from spiking after meals.

    It has often been observed that these benefits were more pronounced when cinnamon doses ranging from 120mg to 6g were consumed. This may equate to around 1 to 3 Pure Ceylon Cinnamon tea bags – just let each bag sit in hot water for 5 minutes, sweeten with honey and enjoy!

  • Reduces inflammation:

    Cinnamon tea has high anti-inflammatory properties and may eliminate the cause of many chronic diseases such as heart diseases. A cup of our Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Brew a day may also reduce blood pressure and ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in your body, while increasing the ‘good’ levels. This improves your heart health by removing extra cholesterol from your blood vessels and offering protection against blood clots.

  • Encourages oral hygiene:

    One of the most practical reasons to slip in a cup of this deliciously sweet beverage before you take on your day is its ability to take away morning breath and keep your mouth germ-free, fresh and healthy. Its disinfecting and anti-bacterial properties also help to prevent gum diseases and tooth decay.

  • Improves your immunity:

    Ceylon cinnamon tea is rich in anti-oxidants. These antioxidants fight off free radicals, which are molecules that damage your cells and contribute towards diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, thus boosting your immunity. This magical brew may even kill certain types of cancer and protect against HIV.

  • Relieves ailments:

    If you’re down with a cold, the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of cinnamon brew may help remove the pathogens from your body and have you good as new in no time! When consumed hot, the warmth of our Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Brew and its nutritional value may help clear out your sinuses and soothe your sore throat too.

  • Improves skin and hair:

    As cinnamon tea eliminates free radicals, healthy blood flow begins in your body which brings a flush of vibrancy to your skin and encourages new cell turnover. Our Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Brew may also promote collagen formation and increase skin elasticity and hydration, thus reducing the appearance of ageing.

    In addition, your scalp benefits from this rush of blood, which brings strength and shine to the hair follicles. If you integrate cinnamon into your hair care routine, this spice may bring on a fragrant, heady aroma and may even lighten your hair!

Overall, cinnamon brew is an all-rounder that enriches your mind and body with all the benefits you need to live life and take control of the rest of your day like the champion you are. It’s always best to drink cinnamon tea on an empty stomach – so sip on the sweet notes of our Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Brew first thing in the morning, and harness the full power of its properties!