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Can Ginger Tea Help You Lose Weight?
Friday, May 20th, 2022


As an aromatic herb that’s often used in Asian cuisine, Ginger is packed with medicinal benefits including better weight management control when consumed correctly. Here are some of the reasons why ginger tea may help you lose weight.

It Makes You Feel Full

One of the reasons why drinking ginger tea for weight loss actually works is because the herb makes you feel fuller, for longer, especially when it is mixed with hot water. Ginger tea or ginger beverages are known to increase the number of calories you burn after a meal when compared with water. Alternatively, health care professionals recommend drinking ginger tea instead of a sugary beverage after meals as it will help you with your weight management goals and is a healthier choice than anything with added sugar!

It Burns Fat

The ethanolic extract of ginger is also linked with eliminating excess fat even while maintaining a regular diet. While you could reap the same benefits from a ginger supplement, the steaming of the extract is what impacts fat burn, so ginger tea bags are a great way to add this brew to your lifestyle and reap its benefits. The Pure Ginger Brew by Nature’s Rare not only offers the herbal medicinal qualities of ginger, but it also exudes an intoxicating aroma and a rich flavor that can hardly be duplicated by a supplement or a pill.

Reduces Inflammation

Ginger is famed for its anti-inflammatory properties and is frequently used in Ayurvedic treatments to cleanse the body of toxins and reduce swelling. A ginger brew from Nature’s Rare may help alleviate inflammatory symptoms by soothing the body’s system.

Ginger Decreases Insulin Resistance

Ginger is also highly effective in reducing the resistance of insulin which is one of the main causes of developing Type 2 diabetes. Ginger tea benefits not only include weight loss but also helps to avoid other serious conditions that can manifest as a result of weight gain. Losing weight is also linked to better insulin sensitivity so there are more incentives to maintaining your weight on a healthy level.

Boosts Your Digestive System

Weight gain is often directly related to a malfunctioning digestive system where the food consumed is not broken down effectively or metabolized rapidly. Ginger acts as a natural stimulant to pancreatic digestive activities while it also helps keep serum cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels under control. This is why dieticians recommend a cup of ginger tea before meals to reduce bloating and stimulate the digestive system.

Drink it Like a Pro

Celebrities and fitness fanatics have been using lemon ginger tea for weight loss for years and as in everything, it really is about the recipe. Make sure that the water you use to steep your Nature’s Rare Pure Ginger Brew is not boiling hot as this could scald the spice. Let the water sit in your cup for 4-5 minutes before dropping the bag. Drinking ginger tea without sugar is ideal but a dollop of honey and a dash of freshly squeezed lemon can infuse flavor while also reducing fat retention in your body.