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Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Tea and Yoga: A Blend Steeped In Health and Spiritual Wellbeing

One of the most popular natural detoxes in the world, herbal tea is widely preferred for its impressive array of benefits and healing properties that treat a wide variety of health problems. But the power of herbal tea doesn’t stop there. Herbal tea can also be used as a yoga experience enhancer – helping you fill your mind and body with wholesome goodness and spiritual enlightenment on a deeper level.

Nature’s Rare herbal brews all have one thing in common; they’re made from superfoods, inspired by traditional home remedies. From Turmeric and Hibiscus to Ginger and Moringa, these brews are a testament to the golden advises of the past, as they improve your mind and body’s ability to focus and absorb the spiritual healing of yoga on an enhanced footing.

These wellness beverages work in different ways to help you improve quality of life. Here are a few benefits of combining yoga & tea:

Turmeric Tea

  • Encourages a sattvic diet:
  • Turmeric brew has been known to make your diet more sattvic, which means that you’re consuming foods that are calming, harmonizing, light and pure – an essential factor in achieving spiritual insight.

  • Flushes out toxins:
  • One of the most significant yoga benefits of consuming this herbal tea is its ability to detoxify. Our Pure Turmeric Brew may eliminate all toxins and ‘Aama’ (uncooked food) from the body, leading to better health and immunity.

  • Eases the digestive process:
  • Vegetarian yogis who rely on legumes for protein often suffer if they have variable digestion due to the production of gas. Turmeric brew helps in mitigating flatulence.

  • Aids in losing weight:
  • If you’re on a journey to improve your physique, the combination of yoga and turmeric tea may be great for weight loss, by accelerating digestion and reducing fat tissue regrowth. It may also encourage healthy lifestyle habits by helping you focus more on your wellbeing.

  • Purifies the mind and body:
  • Another factor that establishes our Pure Turmeric Brew as a top detox for yoga is its ability to cleanse the ‘chakras’. Turmeric clears the energy channels that run

Ginger Tea

  • Improves breathing:
  • Your respiratory system has to work harder during cold conditions when practicing breathing techniques and yoga. Our Pure Ginger Brew may warm your upper respiratory tract and help you take in full breaths easily.

  • Helps heal soreness and sprains:
  • Our Pure Ginger Brew may act as an excellent anti-inflammatory for sore limbs obtained through intensive yoga practice. It also improves circulation which helps heal sprains and strains and ease arthritis.

  • Relieves ailments:
  • Ginger brew may treat a wide variety of ailments that may inhibit your yoga practice, such as exhaustion, migraines, menstrual cramps, morning sickness and nausea.

Hibiscus Brew

  • Ensures long-term holistic healing:
  • It is believed that hibiscus brew may increase your lifespan by helping you maintain good overall health. Most yogis find it particularly comforting to have a cup of hibiscus brew just after their practice; the brew’s antioxidants may reverse the oxidative stress caused by any extreme postures they were in, reducing cell damage and delaying the ageing process.

  • Creates inner peace:
  • Yogis often have a cup of hibiscus brew after their practice because of how well it resonates with their yoga experience; the sweet yet slightly sharp notes of our Pure Hibiscus Brew brings on a calming sensation in your mind, reducing anxiety and depression.

Moringa Brew

  • Aids in de-stressing:
  • When consumed during or after yoga, Moringa brew helps you relieve stress faster by healing you from the inside out. Stress usually leads to health issues such as elevated cortisol levels, poor digestion and lowered immunity. The high vitamin and fibre content in our Pure Moringa Brew helps it nourish your digestive system, by acting as a prebiotic and improving your gut health.

  • A natural cure that assists in achieving inner purity:
  • As a powerful multi-vitamin for different ailments, Moringa brew may be one of the best herbal teas to consume when practicing the Kundalini Yoga relaxation techniques. Practising this yoga regularly may keep you connected to your true self. The purity and inner peace you feel from within may encourage you to indulge in all-natural products – even if it’s a cure for a headache. A cup of our Pure Moringa Brew may be a fast, easy and all-natural solution to integrate into your life, while filling your body with an impressive array of nutrition.

Brewed directly from some of the most powerful superfoods in the world, herbal teas are widely recognized for their nutritional value, and have been used for spiritual enlightenment for hundreds of years. Whether you indulge in a cup of tea before or after yoga, herbal teas are bound to accelerate your journey towards better health and wellness, and help you transition between your restorative yoga practice and the reality of daily life.