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Friday, July 29th, 2022

Six Tips to Boost Your Health and Wellness

There are more and more people prioritizing their health and wellness, to safeguard themselves from non-communicable diseases such as heart conditions, strokes, diabetes, and cancers.

The shift towards healthy living is a heartening one to see, and many are striving to find that perfect and essential balance between their mental and physical health. Here are six extra tips to boost your health and wellness.

Consume organic products

Choosing organic fruits and vegetables and food items that use organic ingredients is a good way to ensure general health and well-being. Almost all commercially grown crops are exposed to artificial fertilizers and pesticides that can cause cancer. They can also contain harmful chemicals that are used to keep food products fresh and last longer as it journeys through long food supply chains. While diets and exercise may assist in reducing weight, research indicates that the ‘health and safety’ of the food we consume has an impact on our general wellbeing.

Choose Healthy Beverages

Hydration is important to regulate body temperature, flush out toxins, deliver nutrients to cells and keep organs functioning properly. While drinking water is a sure way to keep healthy, more and more people are looking at herbal brews that contain Ceylon cinnamon, turmeric and ginger due to their many benefits which include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. These properties assist in boosting our heart health, brain health, overall immunity, and helps to improve both mood and cognition.

Add a cup of Nature’s Rare to your lifestyle and reap the benefits of these herbal brews.

Consume Sugar Wisely

There is no denying that we all love sweets and eating them could turn into an addiction. The majority of the food and beverages we consume contains a high quantity of refined sugar which leads to contracting diabetes and weight gain. WHO reports that over 422 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide as a result of consuming food and beverages with a high quantity of sugar. Sugary beverages contain fructose, increasing your hunger and resulting in weight gain and heart disease. Limiting or eliminating artificial sugar intake can assist in avoiding many health risks.

Sleep Well

Research indicates that as adults, we should sleep 6 – 8 hours a day to recharge our minds and bodies in order to help our brain function and reduce the risk of disease. Our high-stress lifestyles prevent us from sleeping well throughout the night. Sleep experts suggest following a de-stress routine before sleep in order for our bodies to wind down. This includes enjoying a warm drink before sleeping. Ceylon Cinnamon herbal brews helps to destress and improve your overall mood. An ideal drink to sip on before sleeping.

Read, Learn and Share

Take the time to research about the food and beverages you consume. Read the labels of the food you buy in the grocery to understand what ingredients are used and the nutrients they contain. Look for organic, fair trade, single sourced, vegan and non-GMO certifications. Remember to share your knowledge with others to inspire a community to shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

Take the Time to Enjoy Life

All work and no play is not only unhealthy, it often leads to a multitude of health complications. Take time to de-stress, step outside in nature and spend time with friends and family. They say laughter is the best medicine and it is scientifically proven that the release of endorphins in our brains results in improving our mood and physiology. Be it a picnic or a party, create and experiment new food and beverages that are healthy, beautifully presented, and delicious. Enjoy using drinks made from Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon and Turmeric that are both delicious and can be consumed both as a hot herbal brew or made into delicious ice coolers.

Add Nature’s Rare Hot Brews to your lifestyle, for health and wellbeing.