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Friday, September 23rd, 2022

5 Health Benefits of Moringa Tea

While there are many plant-based wellness beverages, there’s nothing quite Moringa tea. Made from one of the most nutritious plants in the world, Moringa tea is widely known for its variety of health and wellness benefits, which remain unmatched to this day.

Nature’s Rare’s Pure Moringa Brew is deliciously infused with mint, making it a refreshing and comforting herbal tea to start off your morning.

Here’s are the top 5 benefits of drinking Moringa tea:

A Powerhouse of Nutrition

Moringa tea contains almost 100 types of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. Not only is our Pure Moringa Brew organic, but it contains, on average, more protein than meat, more iron than spinach, more Vitamin A than carrots, more Vitamin C than oranges and more potassium than bananas. Moringa brew is also one of the few plant-based foods known to contain all 9 essential amino acids, making it a source of complete plant protein.

Whether you’re on a diet cleanse or looking for a quick, healthy fix, our Pure Moringa Brew may be the ultimate beverage to keep you hydrated. Its mint infusion is an added source of iron, potassium, Vitamin A and manganese, and provides a deliciously refreshing introduction to the Moringa ‘super green’.

That’s not all. Moringa tea contains around 50 different types of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, and 25% fibre. Apart from building up your body’s immunity and defenses against heart diseases, Moringa tea’s health benefits include making your bones stronger and flushing out any toxins in your body.

Prevents Chronic Inflammation

Often caused by reduced antioxidant levels, chronic inflammation is considered to be the root of a variety of negative health effects such as metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases in your body.

Our Pure Moringa Brew contains compounds called polyphenols which act as crucial antioxidants, and isothiocyanates which suppress the inflammatory enzymes and proteins in the body. This means that having a cup of Moringa brew everyday may eradicate one of the biggest health risk factors that may have been silently building up inside your body, unknown to you.

Optimises Cholesterol Levels

If your diet has been mostly made up of oily and fatty foods, you might want to slip in a cup or two of Moringa tea as an essential wellness beverage.

Moringa tea’s health benefits include keeping your cholesterol levels under control by reducing your LDL levels and increasing your HDL levels. By sipping on a cup of Moringa tea, you may be able to reduce the ‘bad cholesterol’ which collects in the walls of your blood vessels and in turn reduce your chances of a heart attack. You may also be able to increase the ‘good cholesterol’, a lipoprotein which flushes any and all cholesterol from your body through your liver, lowering your chance of contracting heart problems even further.

May Prevent Diabetes and Obesity

Moringa tea plays a highly active role in the functions of your internal systems, naturally reversing the effects of an imbalanced diet and over-consumption of food.

A cup of our Pure Moringa Brew everyday may gradually reduce your chances of getting pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. This superfood reduces your blood sugar by increasing your insulin production and sensitivity, increasing the glucose uptake by the muscles and liver, and blocking the action of enzymes that digest carbohydrates.

Moringa tea is also good for weight loss. The high fibre content in a cup of our Pure Moringa Brew will keep you feeling fuller for longer and reduce your cravings. In turn, this would reduce your calorie consumption and keep your blood sugar levels in check, helping you regulate your weight loss and preventing obesity.

Although the amount of Moringa tea you consume should be based on your lifestyle, drinking it in large quantities is not recommended. Some of Moringa tea’s side effects may include gas, diarrhea and heartburn. It is generally recommended that 70g of Moringa leaves can be consumed per day, which means that even a few cups of Moringa tea a day is likely to be safe.

May Prevent Cancer

Brewed from the leaves of the ‘tree of life’ or ‘miracle plant’, Moringa tea may also work as an effective treatment for cancer. Moringa tea has high number of antioxidants which help fight free radicals and help maintain, repair and restore the cells in your body.

Nature’s Rare Pure Moringa Brew may contain strong anti-cancer agents which acts against various cancer cell lines, including non-small cell lung cancer. The brew may also help strengthen cells so that they can tolerate chemotherapy.

Apart from being backed by science, the benefits of Moringa tea have been enjoyed for thousands of years and have even contributed towards the discovery of new treatment pathways for health problems. Whether taken occasionally or every day, our Pure Moringa Brew may be an excellent source of nutrition for your body, helping you feel revitalized and energetic, while treating a variety of health problems which you may be blissfully unaware of.