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King Coconut Water
Sunday, January 26th, 2020


King coconut water has been enjoyed in the island of Sri Lanka for centuries. The drink-known as “thambili” to the locals-is enjoyed by the population on a regular basis and has long been praised for its health benefits. It’s available everywhere, served straight out of its bright orange husk on the sides of roads, or topped with ice in a glass at five-star hotels. Sri Lankans have long enjoyed this naturally sweet drink and all its nutritional benefits, but it has recently begun growing in popularity on an international scale as well. With an increasing demand for products that focus on a health-conscious lifestyle, king coconut water is a natural and delicious way to add necessary electrolytes to your diet.

So what exactly are the health benefits of king coconut water?


It’s Re-hydrates after Workouts

World famous athletes have turned to coconut water after training, instead of regular water. The reason for this is that the drink has a high water content, low calories, and comes packed with essential electrolytes. In fact, some have even gone so far as to call it Mother Nature’s sports drink because of its ability to act as a natural replacement for commercial energy drinks. With almost four times more potassium than is available in bananas, king coconut water is an excellent choice after intense exercise because of how it aids in muscle recovery.

Accessing this nutritious drink can be difficult, however. Fresh thambili requires it to be hacked open and poured into a glass (or cradled awkwardly in your arms as you look for a straw to stick straight into the fruit). With bottled coconut water, you run the risk of extra additives that dilute its potent health effects; or drinking coconut water that has been made from concentrate, which also drastically lowers the health benefits of the drink.

Nature’s Rare are leading the way with preservative-free bottled King Coconut Water, made using only the fruit’s pure water. Using thambili that has been sustainably and ethically grown, and ensuring that their product is organic, unsweetened and contains all natural ingredients, this is a great option for those who want the benefits of coconut water without the price tag that inorganic farming practices force onto the planet. As a carbon- and water-conscious brand, our products contribute to the wellbeing of the planet.


It’s a Low-Calorie Drink

King coconut water is a great option if you’re focusing on weight loss. With less than 120 calories to every litre, this sweet beverage becomes an excellent replacement to common sodas that are high in sugars. If you’re craving the fizzy bite of that soft drink you’re replacing, you can always mix your coconut water with plain soda water to fancy it up without the extra calories.

In addition to being low-calorie, king coconut water could potentially be a metabolism-booster, which means that the pounds would drop even faster. It shouldn’t replace water as your main source of hydration, but throwing it into your morning smoothie would go a long way toward your weight loss goals.


It Protects you from Heart Disease

King coconut water has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation, which could lower your risk of heart disease. Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties also boost the body’s immune function, protecting your system further, while its magnesium-content has been shown to help control blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.

All in all, king coconut water is a nutritious drink full of health benefits, and can easily be incorporated into one’s diet for an overall healthy lifestyle.